Tray-Pak Featured in Microsoft Partner Case Study

Tray‐Pak Corp., a leading thermoformer of innovative and quality packaging solutions, is pleased to announce the publication of a case study detailing the company’s successful implementation of a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software program. With the consultation of Intellitec Solutions, a leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner of Wilmington, DE, Tray‐Pak was able to effectively customize and integrate a new CRM solution into their business to more efficiently support customer needs and track sales activities.

Since implementing the robust system six months ago, Tray‐Pak has experienced improvements to real‐ time sales reporting, responsiveness to sales leads, and cross‐departmental communications. “Tray‐Pak is constantly looking at ways to enhance the communications process both internally and with our customer base. Our new CRM program has provided many of the key elements needed to reinforce our current business model while offering the horsepower required to support our corporate growth initiatives” said Kevin Gramley, EVP of Sales and Marketing for Tray‐Pak.