CapabilitiesTray-Pak offers a solutions-based approach to the design and engineering of your thermoform plastic packaging – and we have full control over the entire process.

Our Process is used to approach all of our projects, so you have the dependability that you expect with Tray-Pak. We understand that projects are evolving throughout the process, so these project phases are designed to be flexible and collaborative.

Discovery begins with collaborative sessions that allows us to determine the scope of your project and discuss specific goals and requirements.

Our design stage is where your thermoformed packaging begins to take shape and come to life. Our experienced design and engineering staff have the technology and tools to create the perfect solution for your packaging needs.

We understand that when you are looking for a tailor-made thermoformed part, you will require testing and verification of the design and material selected. Tray-Pak can provide you with high-quality product samples quickly using our state-of-the-art prototyping technologies.

Tool Fabrication
Tool fabrication is the next step in our process and is the key component to manufacturing your packaging solution.  Our in-house tool shop gives us the flexibility and control to manage your tooling costs effectively, and turnaround production tooling faster than our competition.

Product Realization
Your custom plastic packaging has been designed, sampled, tested and is now ready for production. The manufacturing experience of the Tray-Pak team is impressive, and begins and ends with quality assurance.  We are committed to providing you with dependable, quality packaging every time, on time.