Sustainable Materials for Packaging

Sustainable Materials for PackagingThere are many materials on the market which offer features that align with our customer’s sustainability goals. Sustainable components can be integrated into your thermoformed plastic packaging by incorporating a blend of recycled material or by weight reduction using environmentally friendly foaming processes.

We will collaborate with you to design packaging that meets your sustainability goals without sacrificing quality or function.

Tray-Pak has always been a leader in bringing the newest materials to market. Our suppliers often look to us to assist in trialing new materials – so we have experience working with new materials before they hit the market.

Sustainable Material Offerings

  • Post-Consumer Recycled PET
    PCR PET formulas can include up to 100% post-consumer recycled content, or be a blend of virgin and recycled material.
  • RPET
    Environmentally responsible material with 25 – 100% of pre-consumer recycled content
  • PP Lite
    Offers a 30% weight reduction over standard Polypropylene while keeping with the material benefits expected of Polypropylene  including freezer and microwave capabilities, insulation characteristics, and barriers to moisture, among others.
  • Envirolite
    Polystyrene material that is processed with an FDA compliant and environmentally friendly foaming agent to reduce weight by 20%. Envirolite is recyclable in existing polystyrene recycling streams.