PrototypingEnsuring that production quality parts meet our customer’s expectations is essential. In order to guarantee exact requirements are met, Tray-Pak utilizes cutting-edge technologies to provide prototype samples to you at various stages throughout the design and development process. We understand that our customers require testing and approvals and work with you to determine what your sampling expectations will be from the beginning of the process to guarantee that the appropriate tooling and sampling methods are considered.


Tray-Pak uses fused deposition modeling (FDM) machines that rival precision machining tolerances with a high resolution finish and enhanced detail. The FDM technology uses a polycarbonate material to create molds that offer durability and dimensional stability.    3-D powder based rapid prototype printers are also used to create sample molds.

Multiple technologies allow for Tray-Pak to turn around samples for our customers in as less than a day. That means if you want to see something in variety of materials, gauges or colors – we’ve got you covered.