Tray-Pak Featured in Microsoft Partner Case Study

Tray‐Pak Corp., a leading thermoformer of innovative and quality packaging solutions, is pleased to announce the publication of a case study detailing the company’s successful implementation of a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software program. With the consultation of Intellitec Solutions, a leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner of Wilmington, DE, Tray‐Pak was able to effectively customize and integrate a new CRM solution into their business to more efficiently support customer needs and track sales activities.

Since implementing the robust system six months ago, Tray‐Pak has experienced improvements to real‐ time sales reporting, responsiveness to sales leads, and cross‐departmental communications. “Tray‐Pak is constantly looking at ways to enhance the communications process both internally and with our customer base. Our new CRM program has provided many of the key elements needed to reinforce our current business model while offering the horsepower required to support our corporate growth initiatives” said Kevin Gramley, EVP of Sales and Marketing for Tray‐Pak.

Tray-Pak Corporation Enhances Sampling Capabilities with New 3D Production System

Tray‐Pak Corp., a leading thermoformer of innovative and quality packaging solutions, has expanded their in‐house technology portfolio with the addition of a Fortus 360mc 3D Production System, manufactured by Stratasys Inc., Eden Prairie, MN and distributed by Cimquest, Inc. of Bedminster, NJ.

Fortus 3D Production Systems are based on patented Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology, which uses an industrial thermoplastic material to create three‐dimensional models. FDM creates three‐dimensional models by heating and melting the plastic, extruding the material into a fine ribbon approximately the size of a human hair), and layering it to produce a desired object. This process has numerous benefits over alternative solutions, both environmental and functional, such as: increased accuracy and repeatability, higher resolution and feature detail, faster production, and a reduction in raw materials and waste.

This new technology allows Tray‐Pak Corp. to offer customers improved efficiency for sampling projects, with significant resource and time savings over the historic method of machining molds utilizing computer numerical control (CNC). “By eliminating the CNC process for certain jobs, we will save labor and material expenses that will allow us to manage costs and improve response time,” said Dave Hikes, Design and Engineering Manager. Dave continues, “With our new machine, Tray‐Pak can now create sample molds with the speed and accuracy that will make a real difference. The strength of the thermoplastic material gives us a part that will hold up and perform exactly as we need it to.”


‘Back to Basics’ Fuels More Innovation at Thin-Gauge Former

Tray-Pak Corp. was started in 1975 in a manner similar to many others in plastics during that colorful time, fueled more by an entrepreneurial spirit than cash. The family-owned company was launched by the late David Bestwick, who bought and renovated used equipment from an old W.R. Grace plant near the Reading, Pa., facility the thermoformer ( still calls home. Since then, Tray-Pak has been broadly recognized as a
pioneer and innovator in thin-gauge forming. It got into toolbuilding in 1982 via acquisition, received AIB certification for its food-packaging products in 1995, got ISO certified in 1999, expanded into a third building in Reading in 2003, and opened
a Class 8 certified clean room in 2007.
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