AIB Food Safety Rating

Tray-Pak Corp., a leading thermoformer of quality, tailor-made packaging solutions, has received a high achievement score of 955 out of 1000 possible points from their 2013 American Institute of Baking International (AIB) audit. The rigorous audit, conducted by AIB International, evaluates the effectiveness of the facility’s adherence to the guidelines established in 21 CFR 110 and international legislation, and the adequacy of the programs that the facility has established for food safety management, pest control, operational methods, personnel practices, maintenance and cleaning.

Tray-Pak Corp. has successfully passed AIB audits for the last eighteen years, receiving a 955 out of 1000 in 2012 and again in 2013. As expressed by Bill Drexler, Director of Quality and Supply Chain, “This score reflects our commitment that food safety is a top priority. We want our customers to remain confident that the packaging they purchase from Tray-Pak is the best in the industry.” The safety of Tray-Pak employees, customers, and end users are a daily focus at the company. This dedicated focus has not only allowed Tray-Pak to achieve high honors from AIB audits, but has also resulted 77% reduction in OSHA recordable incidents over the last five years. Tray-Pak’s accomplishments in these areas recognize the company as a world class manufacturer, and position the company in the top of the industry in respect to OSHA and food safety statistics.